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Cervical Collar (Plastic)
Plastic Cervical Collar with Chin
Cervical Collar (Sponge)
Nelson Collar
Nelson Collar with Chin Support
Philedelphia Collar Front Open

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MAT MED Medical

The **Gelenke’** Trading Mark was Produced by Mat Med Medikal for the production of the orthopedic products in high quality. All the Products were designed in the way that provides the most gain to its users, and is manufactured in the newest technology, so it can be provided in the best prices. e best row material is used and the designe is best planed, so the products can be as functional as possible. Our vision is to be one of the leading trading marks around the world in the medical sector. and for that, we keep looking forward to enter new markets in different countries



“Hadımköy Mahallesi, Ayasofya caddesi, No:110, Kat:3, 34555, Arnavutköy, Türkiye”

Authorized person

“Muhammed Hüseyinoğlu”


“+90 (212) 640 74 17”

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